2 Additional Features You Can Add To Your Security System

If you are getting an alarm system, you may be able to add on plenty of extras. Those extras can be used to make your life easier and to automate your home. 

Door Locks

One feature that you can get added on is special door locks. Those locks are generally deadbolts. But what makes these locks so special is that you can control them using your smart device and your home's WiFi system. You can still use the lock in the traditional way, using your key or manually flipping a knob, but you will also be able to unlock the door from wherever you are, at the flick of a button. There are a lot of benefits to this. One is if someone gets locked out of your house, you can just unlock the door for them easily, without having to go home. These locks can also be set so that you get an alert whenever your door is unlocked. 


Another thing that you can do with home automation and your alarm system is to turn on your lights remotely. There are special WiFi sockets that you can add to your light bulbs and light fixtures. Those sockets connect to your WiFi router, which lets you control them, as long as you have the right codes. You could set it up so that you can control your porch lights, as well as lights in your main rooms. That way you are never coming home to a dark house.

Being able to turn on your lights will also make it harder for burglars to break into your house. If they think that someone is home, they are less likely to try to break into your house. When you do turn on your lights, make sure that you don't turn them all on at once, because that can be a sure sign that no one is home and that the lights are on a timer. Just turn them on in a natural way, so that it looks like someone is home. Since you are doing this all over the Internet, you can turn the lights on if you are halfway around the world and still make it look like you are home. 

Setting up a security system can let you do more than just be warned if someone comes into your house. There are additional features that you can add on to your security system that will make your life easier.