Steps To Take When You Need To Remove A Trespasser For The First Time

One of the jobs that you'll be responsible for when you work as a security officer is removing people who are trespassing. Whether you're on duty in a mall, a gated community, or even a business complex, you may occasionally come across a suspected trespasser or have someone report such an individual to you. If you're relatively new to this position, you may not yet have removed a trespasser from the area. While you'll want to rely on your training and your employee handbook, here are some steps that you should generally take.

Ask What The Person Is Doing

Even if you strongly suspect that a certain individual is a trespasser, you should usually give the person the benefit of the doubt. Approach the individual and ask him or her about his or her business in the area. For example, if you're patrolling a business complex, simply ask the person the reason for his or her visit. Sometimes, a trespasser will simply admit that he or she shouldn't be there and then leave. In other cases, the person may offer a lie in the hopes of fooling you. For example, if the person says he or she is there to visit a certain office, call ahead to the office to find out if anyone is expecting your suspect.

Ask The Person To Leave

If your conversation and any subsequent investigation indicate that the person should not be on the scene, explain that he or she is trespassing and issue a formal warning to the person to vacate the premises. Don't give this warning and then walk away; make sure that you physically watch the person leave the area. If necessary, walk alongside the person until he or she is gone. The severity of your response can depend on what you feel the person's intentions are; if you suspect that he or she is simply lost, you don't need to be harsh.

Remove The Person If Necessary

In some cases, the person may become argumentative or even combative and send a clear message that he or she doesn't intend to vacate the area. This means that you may need to physically remove the person. In such a scenario, consider your training — you may need to contact another security officer or even a supervisor for backup. Whether you wait for backup or proceed on your own, you should take a firm grip on the person's arm and walk him or her quickly and confidently to the edge of the property.

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