Four Things To Do If You Lose Your Keys

Losing your keys can be a frustrating experience. You may be locked out of your car, your home, or both, and you may also have to worry about replacing other types of keys on your key ring as well. There are a few things you can do to get access to your home or vehicle and keep your property secure after key loss. Here are four things to do after losing your keys.

Call A Locksmith

A locksmith can help you to regain entry into your home, and he or she can also help you to get back into your car as well. Your locksmith may ask for some type of proof of residency to ensure you are being let into the correct home. This is just one reason why it's a good idea to have your current address listed on your driver's license.

Re-Key Your Locks

You'll want to make sure that anyone who finds your keys isn't able to access your home or vehicle. This means having your locksmith re-key your locks. Some locksmiths can provide this service for both your car and your house, so be sure to contact a professional with experience doing both. In some cases, your locksmith may be able to re-key all of the locks in your home to work with a single key, which might be a more convenient option than having  to replace all of your keys.

Report The Loss To Your Building Manager

If you live in an apartment building, you'll want to report the loss of your keys to the building manager. In some cases, apartment buildings have one master lock for the front door that everyone has a copy of, and if you lose your keys, the manager may need to replace the keys of all the tenants in the building. You'll also want to give the building manager a copy of your new apartment keys so your landlord has necessary access.

Contact People Who Have Given You Keys

If you have spare keys to a friend's apartment, your office, or your parents' home, it's important to contact those people immediately so they can take steps to secure their property as well. You may want to offer to have your locksmith come over to re-key those properties as well. Consider covering the cost of replacing locks or re-keying them as a way to make up for the inconvenience of losing your keys.

Your locksmith can provide you with other options for keeping your home secure after you've lost your keys. Talk to a locksmith right away, and take the appropriate steps to protect your property and your family.