3 Requirements You May Face When Looking For A Job In Private Security

Perhaps you have a deep interest in helping others stay secure, or you want a job that takes you to many different places with many different people. Whatever it is about personal security jobs that attract you, you should know that people who are qualified for these positions are definitely in high demand. Everyone from everyday individuals to politicians and celebrities are in need of private security guards, so finding available positions should be easy. However, to qualify for many of these positions, there are certain requirements you may have to meet before you can be considered for the position. 

You should have a clean criminal background. 

Having a clean criminal background is important because the individual clients who come to the security agencies looking for protection want to know that the person provided is trustworthy and safe. There may be leniences for small crimes in your background, but for the most part, any hiring agency will want to see a free and clear criminal background that does not show any indication of potential problems. These background checks may even be supplied to the client, so they feel comfortable with a specific guard being in their company. 

You may be required to consent to a full-panel drug screen. 

Being a security guard for the purpose of personally protecting another individual will require that you are focused, with a clear state of mind. Therefore, you should not be surprised if a security company requires that you take a full-panel drug screening of some form before you can be considered for the position. All security companies do have their own rules where drug allowances are concerned, such as if you are on certain prescription medications. However, most will not consider you if you test positive for illicit drugs or drugs you do not have a prescription for. 

You will need proof of physical fitness and possibly some form of physical training. 

In order to protect another person, you need to be in good enough physical health that you can do so. Different security companies have different requirements, but many of the best will want to see that you at least have a clean bill of health, so you may have to do a physical with your doctor or provide proof of one that happened recently. In addition, some security-guard employers will require you to take some form of physical training or protection course.