Are You Ready For A “Smart” Fire Alarm System?

From thermostats to door locks, many homes are going smart. Another "smart" option that's often overlooked is the fire alarm. Smart fire alarm systems can notify you on your phone if they detect a threat. These thermostats can recognize their position throughout the home, silence themselves through an app, and tell you when their batteries are low.

Smart Fire Alarms Connect through WiFi

Nearly every smart fire alarm system is going to connect to your phone and to your security solution through WiFi. That means that you're going to need to have a clear signal throughout your home. A dropped internet connection could mean that the fire alarm doesn't notify you of issues, though the alarm itself will still audibly sound within your home regardless of internet connection.

Smart Fire Alarms Are More Expensive

The average smart alarm is still about 10 times more expensive than the cheapest, ordinary fire alarm. Smart alarms are new technologies that have a multitude of carefully crafted components. On the other hand, they can also mix with regular fire alarms to create a whole house system that has the benefits of both. Regardless, your budget may ultimately determine which type of alarm system you get.

Smart Fire Alarms Work With Smart Phones

Most smart alarms control their smart functionality through a smartphone. To get the most out of this smart system, everyone in your household should have a smartphone available. If you don't have a smartphone, you may find it frustrating to control the options of your smart alarm. Some smart alarms may provide updates and options through a web browser, but it won't be as easy or intuitive to use.

Smart Fire Alarms Are Integrated

A smart fire alarm is often a part of a larger system. You'll get the most significant benefits if you're also installing a security alarm system or other smart features. If you're only installing the fire alarms, it will still work, but you won't get the benefits attached to having a fully integrated system, such as a consolidated app through which you can control every aspect of your home.

A smart fire alarm may be wireless or wired depending to your needs. These systems can optionally connect to advanced security and fire alarm services, to make it easier to protect your home overall. You'll just need to do some research to find out whether it's the best option for you and your home. Contact a company, like Coastal Burglar Alarm Co Inc, for more help.