Defending Your Office: Security Tips

Protecting your office is protecting your livelihood. Whether you're a small business owner or a manager at a major multi-national corporation, strategizing your security plan can help you avoid costly thefts.

Here are some security tips to help you defend your office:

Integrated Security Systems

An integrated security system is multi-dimensional. You can customize an integrated security system to fit your office's needs and points of vulnerability.

  • Audio Intrusion Detection: One of the issues with security cameras is they require a viewer for them to be effective. Additionally, the auto-detection software used to automate the monitoring process can sometimes misidentify birds or small animals as intruders. Sound, however, provides a more objective way to assess who is entering your office. You can use audio intrusion detectors to pick up the sound of breaking glass or talking during non-business hours. If detected, the security system will automatically trip, alerting you and the authorities to a potential break-in.
  • Access Control Management: Access control management is all about securing entry access. This means retooling conventional locks to open with a key card and/or code, not traditional keys. Using this system, you can monitor and control who has access to your business right from your smart phone or laptop. Opting for security code entry to the most sensitive areas of your office can add additional layer of security to protect these areas.

Old School Safety

Although many security solutions involve new technologies, some of the oldest security tricks in the book provided both safety and security to your office.

  • Lighting: Making sure that your office is well lit is both a safety and security necessity. Putting additional lights in your parking lot(s), adding more lighting to the walkways leading to entry points, and eliminating large swaths of darkness around your office will improve the safety of your employees and discourage potential thieves from attempting to rob your office. Thieves are like mushrooms—they require darkness to thrive, so shining a light on them will make your business less attractive.
  • Landscaping: Landscaping the area surrounding your business is a bit like the aforementioned lighting tips—keeping up with your greenery will keep your employees safer and discourage thieves from robbing your business. In particular, make sure that trees and bushes are trimmed to keep windows clear and unobstructed. Essentially, your landscaping should not create a means for hiding or a path for unauthorized entry into your business.

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