Construction Security Officers Keep Your Work Zone Safe From Theft And Vandalism

When you work in the construction industry, you know how frustrating it is to have your construction area vandalized or have expensive equipment and supplies stolen. Putting up a perimeter fence helps, but it isn't always enough to keep criminals off your site. Hiring security officers could be the best way to protect your construction site, especially if it is in a high crime area or a remote location. Here are ways construction security officers help protect your work zone.

They Log And Control Access

You want to know who is on your construction site so no one is there who shouldn't be. You'll probably have deliveries and subcontractors coming and going all day, and that makes it difficult to spot trespassers. Security officers will log everyone who comes on your site. This includes checking identification for vendors and subcontractors and verifying the person has a reason to be on the property. This keeps unauthorized people outside of the gates and reduces the risk of injury, vandalism, and theft.

Officers Patrol The Construction Site

Security officers are on the move around your construction site day and night looking for hazards and suspicious activity. Their presence during the day could keep subcontractors from stealing valuable tools, and the presence of guards during the night keeps intruders from hauling away metal and other supplies that can be sold for profit. The highly visible presence of security officers can be a crime deterrent by itself and stop criminal behavior before it begins.

The Officers Make Security Checks

One important task of the security guards is to make regular security checks on locked gates and tool lockers. Checking these regularly reduces the amount of time a criminal has to pry open locks and gain entry or steal equipment. Regular inspections of buildings, grounds, and equipment also reduce the risk of teens vandalizing heavy equipment or playing on it during off days and getting hurt. Security guards can also watch for other dangers such as electrical malfunctions, fire, or water leaks that need immediate attention. Security officers can work your site 24-hours a day even on days when your construction crew isn't working so your site is always monitored and protected.

Security officers give you peace of mind knowing your construction site is as safe as possible from criminals, curious kids, and homeless people. This protects your valuables and reduces the risk of someone being hurt on your site. Plus, the security firm you hire can help you develop a well-rounded security plan that includes signage, officers, fencing, and security procedures that eliminate problems with theft and vandalism that add to your expenses.