Benefits Of A Home Inspector Wearing A Body Camera

It's important for a home inspector to use a camera to meticulously document every part of a home that they've been hired to inspect. If you're new to this profession, you'll need to decide what type of camera to buy. Instead of using a camera that you hold in your hands, you might wish to buy a body camera. These cameras are similar to what law enforcement officers wear, and typically mount to your chest so that they have a clear field of vision of everything in front of you. Here are some benefits to choosing a body-mounted camera.


When you're a home inspector, you'll occasionally encounter environments that are somewhat dangerous. For example, whether you're looking around an attic or climbing onto a roof, there are risks of being in each of these places. Using a body-mounted camera is important for your safety because you don't need to carry the camera with one hand. Having both hands to hang onto sturdy objects wherever you're working will help to keep you safe. For example, if you're walking through an attic that is in bad condition, you can use both hands to grip the joists instead of devote one hand to holding a camera.

Always Recording

Body cameras for home inspectors are designed to record from the moment you turn them on until you turn them off at the end of a job. There may be all sorts of scenarios in which you're happy that your camera is constantly recording. For example, if you're in the basement of a home and a rat or mouse were to scurry past you, the camera would record it. If you were holding a handheld camera, you might not have it switched on, which means that you'd miss the rodent. The client for whom you're working will appreciate that you can provide footage of this incident rather than just tell them about it.

Easier To Make Notes

The hands-free nature of a body-worn camera makes it easier for you to make notes when you're walking through a home. Notetaking during an inspection is critical to ensuring that you have a detailed and thorough post inspection-report for your clients. If you were to use a handheld camera, you'd constantly be trying to juggle it, your clipboard, and your pen. It's far simpler to wear a camera and keep your hands free for making notes when needed. Visit an online camera store to shop for a home inspector body camera.