Protecting Yourself Against Social Media Blackmail Schemes

Whether you are new to social media or you use it sporadically and are not aware of the possibility of being targeted by others, you need to be diligent in the way you conduct yourself while online to avoid becoming the victim of a blackmailing scheme. Here are steps to take to protect yourself when using social media platforms.

Check That Your Account Is Private

Most social media websites allow users to select exactly who is able to view posts, replies, photographs, and videos they post on their accounts. When setting up an account, be sure to select the option that only allows for friends to see what you share online. If you allow for your posts to be seen by everyone, chances are those performing schemes to blackmail users will check out your profile in detail. With this information blatantly out in the open, you are at risk of becoming the target of a scheme where another user attempts to threaten using your photographs or to expose posts you have written to others unless you make a payment to them to stop them from going through with the action. Limiting your audience helps to stop blackmail schemes before they even begin.

Be Aware Of What You Share

When you share information with others on social media, it is wise to question each posting before you hit the send button. Is there information in the post that could somehow get in in trouble? Are you sharing information that could hurt someone else? Are you worried about your pictures being saved and shared with others once you post them? Any information that you do not wish to be shared with strangers should not be placed upon a social media platform at all. There is always a risk involved and someone nefarious could use your information as a means of blackmail if they choose to do so. Limiting what you share will help to keep this possibility at a lower level.

Avoid Using Specifics Within Your Profiles

When you set up profiles for social media accounts, you have the opportunity to fill out some information about yourself to share with your friends. This includes the town you live in, schools you attended, and birthdates. While it is fun to share with friends, others can access this information as well, especially if a profile is not private. This information can then be used to steal your identity or worse. Think twice before adding too many details to your profile.

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