7 Tips for Working Effectively with 24-Hour Security Guards to Ensure Maximum Safety

Hiring a 24-hour security guard service for your business or property is an excellent way to ensure the safety of your employees, customers, and assets. However, it is not enough to hire security guards; you need to partner with them to get the best results. This blog post will provide seven tips for working effectively with 24-hour security guards to ensure maximum safety. 1. Establish Clear Communication Channels  Effective communication is vital when working with 24-hour security guards. Read More 

Have A Commercial Building At A High Fire Risk? What Commercial Fire Protection Services To Get Today

A commercial property that has a lot of fire risks and hazards can make a commercial property owner nervous. If you are worried that you aren't doing everything that you can to prepare if there is a fire, you want to have a fire protection services team come to your building. They can evaluate where your areas of weakness are and what you can do better for fire prevention. Here are a couple of things to talk with the fire experts about. Read More