Have A Commercial Building At A High Fire Risk? What Commercial Fire Protection Services To Get Today

A commercial property that has a lot of fire risks and hazards can make a commercial property owner nervous. If you are worried that you aren't doing everything that you can to prepare if there is a fire, you want to have a fire protection services team come to your building. They can evaluate where your areas of weakness are and what you can do better for fire prevention. Here are a couple of things to talk with the fire experts about.

Fire Extinguisher Installation and Training

Don't just have enough fire extinguishers that meet the guidelines set by your state or OSHA. Instead, be sure that you have enough extinguishers if many people need to help with a fire, and that they are in areas easy for anyone to grab.

Have a fire safety team come in and train your staff on how to properly use those fire extinguishers. Having the right size extinguisher, in the right location, and in the hands of someone who knows how to use it can be the difference between a huge building fire and a small fire that was put out quickly.

Commercial Fire Protection Sprinklers

If you are looking to install fire protection services around the building, getting sprinklers installed is one of the best options. These sprinklers will turn on when:

  • High heat is detected
  • Smoke is detected
  • The fire alarms in the building go off
  • The sprinkler is manually turned on

This means if someone is in the building and needs to turn the system on, it can be done quickly. If there is no one inside the building but the fire is detected by the system, then the sprinklers will do their job. This is one of the fastest and easiest ways to have a fire put out inside your building.

It may also be important to make sure that there are enough exits in the building if there is a fire. Be sure to have your managers and staff trained on the proper way to exit the building if there is an emergency fire. Having a fire plan where people have specific jobs, like grabbing certain items in the building, counting the staff, or activating the sprinkler system, will be very important. If you are at high risk of a fire at your commercial property, make sure that you have the overhead sprinkler system and fire extinguishers you need.

For more information about fire protection services, contact a local company.