Defending Your Office: Security Tips

Protecting your office is protecting your livelihood. Whether you're a small business owner or a manager at a major multi-national corporation, strategizing your security plan can help you avoid costly thefts. Here are some security tips to help you defend your office: Integrated Security Systems An integrated security system is multi-dimensional. You can customize an integrated security system to fit your office's needs and points of vulnerability. Audio Intrusion Detection: One of the issues with security cameras is they require a viewer for them to be effective. Read More 

Are You Ready For A “Smart” Fire Alarm System?

From thermostats to door locks, many homes are going smart. Another "smart" option that's often overlooked is the fire alarm. Smart fire alarm systems can notify you on your phone if they detect a threat. These thermostats can recognize their position throughout the home, silence themselves through an app, and tell you when their batteries are low. Smart Fire Alarms Connect through WiFi Nearly every smart fire alarm system is going to connect to your phone and to your security solution through WiFi. Read More 

3 Reasons To Hire A Security Team For Your Hospital

If you run a hospital, you probably already have at least some preliminary measures in place for security like placing surveillance cameras or implementing doors that can be locked down if a situation gets out of control. But if you want to really improve the overall safety of your facility, you should consider hiring a full-time hospital security team. Here are three reasons why having a team specifically for security is right for your hospital. Read More