Are You Ready For A “Smart” Fire Alarm System?

From thermostats to door locks, many homes are going smart. Another "smart" option that's often overlooked is the fire alarm. Smart fire alarm systems can notify you on your phone if they detect a threat. These thermostats can recognize their position throughout the home, silence themselves through an app, and tell you when their batteries are low. Smart Fire Alarms Connect through WiFi Nearly every smart fire alarm system is going to connect to your phone and to your security solution through WiFi. Read More 

3 Reasons To Hire A Security Team For Your Hospital

If you run a hospital, you probably already have at least some preliminary measures in place for security like placing surveillance cameras or implementing doors that can be locked down if a situation gets out of control. But if you want to really improve the overall safety of your facility, you should consider hiring a full-time hospital security team. Here are three reasons why having a team specifically for security is right for your hospital. Read More 

Three Things A Security Company Needs To Know In Order To Assign A Detail To Protect Your Business Group When Traveling Overseas

When traveling to another country for a business deal that is known for violence or danger, it is best to hire a private security detail to go with your party to ensure that everyone is as safe as they can be at all times. When you are in another country, having a security team to travel with you will give you peace of mind and better your chances of making it home safely. Read More 

3 Requirements You May Face When Looking For A Job In Private Security

Perhaps you have a deep interest in helping others stay secure, or you want a job that takes you to many different places with many different people. Whatever it is about personal security jobs that attract you, you should know that people who are qualified for these positions are definitely in high demand. Everyone from everyday individuals to politicians and celebrities are in need of private security guards, so finding available positions should be easy. Read More 

Four Things To Do If You Lose Your Keys

Losing your keys can be a frustrating experience. You may be locked out of your car, your home, or both, and you may also have to worry about replacing other types of keys on your key ring as well. There are a few things you can do to get access to your home or vehicle and keep your property secure after key loss. Here are four things to do after losing your keys. Read More