Improving Home Security

Why Banks Benefit From Random Patrol Groups

Banks are often a victim of serious robberies that can cost your clients a lot of money. Adding high-quality security groups are a great way to protect this type of financial business. This is particularly the case if random security patrol guards are paired with full-time ones. The Dangers Of Bank Robberies Banks are important financial institutions that are often targeted because of the large amount of money they possess. One of the worst things about these robberies is the level of danger that can occur. Read More 

Steps To Take When You Need To Remove A Trespasser For The First Time

One of the jobs that you'll be responsible for when you work as a security officer is removing people who are trespassing. Whether you're on duty in a mall, a gated community, or even a business complex, you may occasionally come across a suspected trespasser or have someone report such an individual to you. If you're relatively new to this position, you may not yet have removed a trespasser from the area. Read More 

2 Additional Features You Can Add To Your Security System

If you are getting an alarm system, you may be able to add on plenty of extras. Those extras can be used to make your life easier and to automate your home.  Door Locks One feature that you can get added on is special door locks. Those locks are generally deadbolts. But what makes these locks so special is that you can control them using your smart device and your home's WiFi system. Read More 

A Guide To Augmenting Your Existing Door Lock With Better Security For A Parent With Alzheimer’s

Given that 5.5 million people in the United States have Alzheimer's in 2017 and, in 2014, it was estimated that patients with that diagnosis comprised more than half of the population of U.S nursing homes, it's obvious that the disease is having an enormous impact on senior citizens and their loved ones. If your parent with Alzheimer's lives with you, you might already be aware of the unique challenges associated with that illness. Read More 

Professional Tips For Solopreneurs

When you're an entrepreneur starting up a business alone—sometimes called a "solopreneur"—it's challenging to take on all the tasks and responsibilities of a company without help. In addition to creating your products or working on the services you provide, you need to keep the administrative part of your business going as well. Setting appointments, taking calls, filing documents, and balancing the books is a lot of work for one person, but if you're able to pick up ideas from the following suggestions, it can work. Read More